The Polish that Pays Series – Episode 22: Holiday Etiquette and Company Parties

The Polish that Pays – Episode 23: How to Set a Table for the Holidays

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FBJ, Inc. has an extensive background with Maryland Local and State Government Agencies including

Caroline County Dept. of Juvenile Services
Caroline County School District
Caroline County Dept. Social Services
Dorchester County Dept. Social Services
Dorchester County Health Department
Somerset County Dept. Social Services
Wicomico County School District
Wicomico County Dept. Social Services

Services to Government agencies include staff development training in diversity and multi-generational communications. Employability skills training has been offered to non custodial parents, TCA, TANF, SNAP customers, budget training to family services and life enrichment skills training to adoptive and foster care customers.

Additionally we offer services under the following National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP) Codes:

918-85-00 Personal /Employment Consulting Human Resources
918-83-00 Organizational /Development Consulting
918-87-40 Purchasing Specification, Writing, Consulting Services
918-79-00 Minority Small Business Consulting Service
918-88-00 Quality Assurance /Control Consulting

918-75-00 Management Consulting
918-75-50 Management Consulting Services
918-65-00 Human Relations Consulting
918-45-00 Fashion Consulting Services
918-46-00 Feasibility Studies Consulting

918-00-00 Consulting Services
918-38-00 Education and Training Consulting
918-35-00 Disadvantage Business Enerprise ( DBE) and Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Consulting Including Technical Assistance
918-32-00 Consulting Small Business
918-32-10 Consulting Services (Not otherwise classified)
918-26-00 Community Public Relations Consulting
918-26-20 Consulting Communications, Public Relations
918-20-00 Business Consulting Small
918-21-00 Business Consulting Large
918-06-10 Administrative Support Services

 Personal Development Programs

Program Number Program Type Description NAICS Code
PD-001 Personal Development Negotiation Skills Pt 1  611430
PD-002 Personal Development Negotiation Skills Pt 2  611430
PD-003 Personal Development Public Speaking Pt 1  611699
PD-004 Personal Development Public Speaking Pt 2  611699
PD-005 Personal Development Networking – Social  611699
PD-006 Personal Development Networking – Agency  611699
PD-007 Personal Development Organizational Skills  611430
PD-008 Personal Development Presence and Persona  611430
PD-009 Personal Development Building Instant Rapport  611430
PD-010 Personal Development Social Skills  611430
PD-011 Personal Development Soft Power and Performance  611430


Government Programs

Program Number Program Type Description NAICS Code
GP-001 Government Personnel Government Etiquette for Business  611430
GP-002 Government Personnel Feedback  611430
GP-003 Government Personnel Listening Skills  611430
GP-004 Government Personnel Delegating  611430
GP-005 Government Personnel Better Work Results  541611
GP-006 Government Personnel Making Evaluations Better  541611
GP-007 Government Personnel Multi-Generational Diversity In The Workplace  611430
GP-008 Government Personnel Cultural Awareness  611430
GP-009 Government Personnel Teamwork  611430


Employability Programs 

ES-001 Employability Skills Money Management  611430
ES-002 Employability Skills Responsibility and Motherhood/ Fatherhood  611430
ES-003 Employability Skills Homemaker To Work Reality  611430
ES-004 Employability Skills First Time Employment  611430
ES-005 Employability Skills The Resume  561410
ES-006 Employability Skills How To Interview  611430
ES-007 Employability Skills How To Build References  611430
ES-008 Employability Skills Working w/ A Challenging Background  611430
ES-009 Employability Skills Preparation in Court  611430
ES-010 Employability Skills Attitudes For Work  611430
ES-011 Employability Skills Conflict Resolution At Work  611430
ES-012 Employability Skills How To Prioritize  611430
ES-013 Employability Skills How To Be Dependable  611430
ES-014 Employability Skills Making Proactive Choices  611430
ES-015 Employability Skills How To Plan Long Term & Short Term  611430
ES-016 Employability Skills Getting Past Minimum Wage  611430
ES-017 Employability Skills Etiquette The Ticket To Employment  611430
ES-018 Employability Skills The Polish That Pays  611430
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