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Do Your Subordinates Have Enough Information to Complete the Task?

November 23, 2015 @ 11:53 AM posted by Ummu

Overworked_EmployeeAs a supervisor, you must make sure you have provided enough information for your subordinates to associate, understand and have proper insight into the task.

Oftentimes subordinates are confused with the order in which they should do a task. Make sure that you establish which of your tasks or assignments are ongoing and which are priorities and should be done first. This will require you to keep a running task list of all that you have requested of the person, so that you know what the person has on his or her plate.

Also, if the subordinate is a shared support member with another manager, make sure that you are not giving conflicting assignments and that it will not cause confusion with the other managers. Make sure you work out a schedule with the other manager or indicate to the subordinate that they inform the other manager what they already have on the task priority plate before accepting other tasks or before giving unrealistic turnaround times for completion of tasks. This can be very frustrating for a subordinate who feels torn between two bosses, is unsure which duties to do fist, which tasks to follow, and who to listen to for instructions.

This will require you to keep an open line of communication with your counterparts.


Ummu Bradley Thomas


Why Backup Support Pays Off!

October 30, 2015 @ 2:37 PM posted by Ummu

View this letter in PDF.

Does the above picture represent you?  Are you an Executive Director, a Department Director, or a Small Business Owner without staff or are you fortunate enough to have staff, but without the human resources to make sure that the crucial organizational work that needs to be done, gets done? If so, contract with Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. to be your organization’s backbone resource.

Freddie Bell Jones, Inc, is an Organizational Consulting and Training company with our corporate office in Easton, Maryland.  We are MBE/DBE certified in the State of Maryland and MBE/WBE certified in the State of Delaware for the following services/NAICS Codes:

  • 561410: Document Preparation Services
  • 614430: Personal Development, Employability, & Management Development Training
  • 541611: Business Consulting Management Services
  • 541199 Notary Public Services
  • 611699: Public Speaking Training
  • 624110: Child & Youth Self Help Services

Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. offers the following services to its nonprofit clients:

Consultant Input Client Output or Result
Conduct Focus Groups & Forums Understand employee or client concerns, and act
Community Needs Assessment Understand what the client/community already has and bridge your services with what the client/community needs.
Meeting Facilitation/Roundtable Discussion Facilitation Participate in equal discussion with partners and stakeholders.
Facilitate and Plan Strategy Retreat Create a pragmatic buy-in. Receive event planning services. FBJ, Inc. can locate the venue, prepare the Power Point presentations; prepare and send invitations; create guest lists; prepare the agenda, invite guest speakers, organize menu choices; prepare displays, and much more!
Meeting Support Receive 100% for participation at community, stakeholder, and other partner meetings. Meeting support also includes meeting memos.


FBJ, Inc. can also attend your organization’s meetings and provide meeting minutes, meeting set-up, handling of meals, invites, doodle polls, follow-up and contact.

Grant Writing/Research You find the grant and we will write it, and submit it for you:

Letter of Transmittal; Title Page; Table of Contents; Summary; Introductory Statements; Statement of Problem; Purpose; Objectives, Goals, and Strategy; Need; Conceptual Framework and Rationale; Program Design and Activities; Organizational and Administrative Structure and Plan; Staffing Plan; Timetable; Evaluation; Budget; Capability Statement and attachment of the Support Documents.

Soft Skills Training Receive soft skills training for staff, customers, board, or community members in communication skills; written communications; electronic communications; time management; conflict resolution; interpersonal skills; leadership; business etiquette; meeting skills, and much more!
Document Production Receive engagement communications, reports, Power Points, and other letter writing services.
Board Orientation/Engagement Receive board orientation manuals and trainings.
Office Support Receive office support on-site and/or offsite support.  Phone calls, scheduling; checking voice mail, typing, mailings, and more!


Please feel free to contact us at 410-820-8700 or by email at regarding your organization’s needs and how we can partner to address those needs.  Visit us online at


Ummu Bradley Thomas, NCRT

Founder/Author/Organizational Consultant/Nationally Certified ROMA Trainer

The Walk

October 21, 2015 @ 2:34 PM posted by Ummu

businessman-posture-and-eye-contact People recognize others who are positive and proud of themselves by their stride. So, walk with a purpose! Speak with a purpose! Act with a purpose! Those who walk too slowly can appear to be lazy. Those who walk too quickly can appear to be one-track minded. Those who walk without a care in the world, can appear unfocused.


Stand in front of a floor length mirror and practice walking back and forth. Look at your shoulder alignment, look at the direction of your head. Do you stand tall? Do you look successful? Do you look confident? Do you look like you are proud of who you are? Your carriage tells the world how you feel about you. What does your walk say?


                                           Ummu Bradley Thomas

Press Release

October 14, 2015

Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. is proud to announce that its founder, Ummu Bradley Thomas, NCRT is now a member of the Association of National Certified Roma Trainers.

According to , the process to become a ROMA Trainer involves demonstration of understanding of the basic concepts related to Results Oriented Management and Accountability, demonstration of the ability to present these concepts in a training setting and acceptance of the role of the ROMA Trainer in the national training network to promote the use of ROMA in your agency, your state and thought the country. There are four phases to the training and certification process: taking an E-Course, attending three day Train-the-Trainer Classroom Session, practicing the delivery of the content, being evaluated on knowledge and delivery of the content.

As found on , “ROMA was created in 1994 by an ongoing task force of Federal, state, and local community action officials – the Monitoring and Assessment Task Force (MATF). Based upon principles contained in the Government Performance and Results Act of 1993, ROMA provides a framework for continuous growth and improvement among more than 1000 local community action agencies and a basis for state leadership and assistance toward those ends. Since 1994, the Community Services Network has been guided by six broad anti-poverty goals established by the MATF:
Goal 1: Low-income people become more self-sufficient.
Goal 2: The conditions in which low-income people live are improved.
Goal 3: Low-income people own a stake in their community.
Goal 4: Partnerships among supporters and providers of service to low- income people are achieved.
Goal 5: Agencies increase their capacity to achieve results.
Goal 6: Low-income people, especially vulnerable populations, achieve their potential by strengthening family and other supportive systems.”

Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. applauds its founder on becoming a Nationally Certified Roma Trainer as of September 28, 2015.

Please click on the flyer for details on how to register and additional information.


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