The Polish that Pays Series – Episode 22: Holiday Etiquette and Company Parties

The Polish that Pays – Episode 23: How to Set a Table for the Holidays

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Good standard operating procedures using best practices can help your organization better utilize human resources, handle change, prepare for growth, work more efficiently, eliminate waste and cut cost. Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. is certified by the Maryland Dept. of Transportation MBE/DBE NAICS Codes:

541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

(Specifically: Business Development Consulting, Staff/Management Consulting, Standard Operating Procedure Consulting)

611430 – Professional and Management Development Training

(Specifically: Professional and Management Development Training, Quality Assurance Training, Soft Skills Training, Image Consulting)

FBJ, Inc. provides focus groups, needs assessments, strategic planning sessions, customer surveys and analysis, employee surveys and analysis, quality assurance reports, management services and business development services. Additionally, we will customize Standard Operating Procedures, review and offer advice on By Laws, board member orientation, office policies and protocols, and consult on how to run your organization more efficiently and effectively.

A listing of our consulting services:

Focus Group Planning, Marketing, Facilitating, and Evaluations

Non-Profit Organizations generally use focus groups to improve some specific product or service during the development of strategic plans and mission statements.

  • Collecting opinions, beliefs, and attitudes about issues of interest to your organization
  • Gathering assumptions
  • Starting a conversation/encouraging discussion
  • Building excitement about a topic

Needs Assessments

A needs assessment will help your organization to determine whether your proposed work is feasible. It also provides your organization an opportunity to understand the extent of a problem, gather information about all of the services that are available to your target population and identify the gaps in services available to your target population. Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. will collect data to assist your organization in making informed decisions.

  • Information gathering and research
  • Document preparation and editing
  • Report writing


 Business Development Consulting

Program Number Program Type Description NAICS Code
MGMT-001 Management Good Fit For Management  541611
MGMT-002 Management Maximizing On Your Leadership Qualities  541611
MGMT-003 Management Your Management Perception   541611
MGMT-004 Management Management Challenges and Behavior  541611
MGMT-005 Management How to Talk like a Manager  541611
MGMT-006 Management How to Give Clear Instructions  541611
MGMT-007 Management How to Handle Conflicts  541611
MGMT-008 Management Subordinate Reward System  541611
MGMT-009 Management A Fresh Supervision Approach  541611
MGMT-010 Management Amateur vs. Professional Managers  541611
MGMT-011 Management Image Management  541611
MGMT-012 Management Managing Generations  541611



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