The Polish that Pays Series – Episode 22: Holiday Etiquette and Company Parties

The Polish that Pays – Episode 23: How to Set a Table for the Holidays

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Freddie Bell Jones, Inc.’s motto is “Excellence and Elegance” and our defining principles are “Confidence, Excellence, Poise & Respect”.

Your personal and professional appearance consists of your head to toe image. How you appear in the public whether online, over the telephone, or in person should reflect the industry in which you work. Each industry has a standard of dress, know the appropriate head to toe attire and accessories for the corresponding industry. Use color purposely and knowledgeably; understand fabrics; know the right footwear; compliment with jewelry; and artfully apply cosmetics.

On-site at Freddie Bell Jones, Inc.  located at 8133 Elliott Road, Suite 263, Easton, MD 21601 on Maryland Eastern Shore, we offer one-to-one coaching, executive training and personal branding services.

We are also certified by the Maryland Dept. of Transportation SBE/MBE/DBE in NAICS Codes :

446120 – MBE/DBE – Cosmetics, Beauty Supplies, and Perfume Stores

(Specifically: Retail sale of beauty and hair supplies, perfumes, cosmetics, and other personal grooming supplies)

448120 – MBE/DBE – Women’s Clothing Stores

(Specifically: Apparel stores, Women’s and Girl’s Clothing)

541921 – MBE/DBE – Photography Studios, Portrait

(Specifically: Portrait Photography Services, Still)

Program Number Program Type Description NAICS Code
PE-001 Personal Enrichment The Charisma Factor  611430
PE-002 Personal Enrichment Making Positive Friendships  611430
PE-003 Personal Enrichment Color Analysis  611430
PE-004 Personal Enrichment Wardrobe Assessments  611430
PE-005 Personal Enrichment Personal Refinement  611430
PE-006 Personal Enrichment Hosting Etiquette  611430
PE-007 Personal Enrichment Composure Training  611430
PE-008 Personal Enrichment Public Speaking  611699
PE-009 Personal Enrichment The Art of Networking  611699
PE-010 Personal Enrichment Manners Matter  611430
PE-011 Personal Enrichment Positive Self Promotion  611430
PE-012 Personal Enrichment Cosmetics  611430
PE-013 Personal Enrichment Branding Your Professional Image  611430
PE-014 Personal Enrichment Branding Your Personal Image  611430
PE-015 Personal Enrichment Communicating your Message  611430
PE-016 Personal Enrichment Body Language  611430


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Ummu Bradley Thomas, Founder –

Office Location
Freddie Bell Jones, Inc.
8133 Elliott Road
2nd Floor, Suite 236
Easton, MD 21601
Monday - Friday: 9:00AM - 4:00PM

Secondary Location – Youth Self-Help & Personal Refinement Lessons
105 S Main Street
Hurlock, MD 21643
(410) 820-8700
Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday: 10:00AM – 12:00PM