The Polish that Pays Series – Episode 22: Holiday Etiquette and Company Parties

The Polish that Pays – Episode 23: How to Set a Table for the Holidays

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Not to be mistaken with hard skills, which are a persons ability to perform a certain type of task or activities, soft skills relate to how a person effectively interacts with others. This includes, adaptability,  communications skills, social graces, personal habit, language, grooming, body language, time management, critical thinking, team work, networking skills, and negotiation skills.

Freddie Bell Jones, Inc. is certified through the Maryland Dept. of Transportation MBE/DBE program in NAICS code 611430. Additionally, our company can customize our soft skills training to make it relevant for organizations needs.


Program Number Program Type Description NAICS Code
SS-001 Soft Skills Win-Win Negotiations 611430
SS-002 Soft Skills How to Coach 611430
SS-003 Soft Skills How to Delegate 611430
SS-004 Soft Skills Managing Diversity 541611 / 611430
SS-005 Soft Skills Leading Change 611430
SS-006 Soft Skills Quality Management 541611 / 611430
SS-007 Soft Skills Executive Coaching 541611 / 611430
SS-008 Soft Skills Meeting Facilitation 611430
SS-009 Soft Skills Virtual Collaboration 611430
SS-010 Soft Skills Leading Virtual Teams 611430
SS-011 Soft Skills Stress Management 541611 / 611430
SS-012 Soft Skills Persuasive Presentations 611430
SS-013 Soft Skills Written Communications 611430
SS-014 Soft Skills Building a Customer Focus Organization 611430
SS-015 Soft Skills Adapting to the Work Environment 611430
SS-016 Soft Skills Business Communications In Person 611430
SS-017 Soft Skills Time Management 541611 / 611430
SS-018 Soft Skills Dealing with Difficult Behavior 611430
SS-019 Soft Skills Building a Respectful Workplace 611430
SS-020 Soft Skills Transitioning 611430
SS-021 Soft Skills Leadership 611430
SS-022 Soft Skills Congeniality 611430





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